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The firm in Landscape Architecture Lionel JACQUEY has provided since 2001
study missions, guidance and control work in the fields of architecture, landscape,
the urban Planning and Environment.
Our philosophy is based on the quality and pragmatism in the consultation, design,
architectural and engineering team and economic optimization tasks and projects
entrusted to us.

The firm in Landscape Architecture acts as designer and studies manager of
landscaping projects of the garden until territory.
We work for local governments, local governments, regional or national level and for
all the makers of the administration public or private.

The firm is working alone or in partnership with other organizations such as architects,
planners, ecologists, géométres, offices specialized study, water engineers,
sociologists, etc.

Designer space and territory, we are working at all scales, in all environments and
in all types of projects.

The firm is a member of the French Federation of Landscape.

Our sphere of action :

We work as foreman, or missions for studies or design and expertise.

As foreman :
- Facilities urban or peri : squares, pedestrian streets, housing, admissions of cities
and villages, squares and public park, rehabilitation and integration urban,
préverdissement, pleasure garden, allotments.
- Rural Amenities : landscaping, land, afforestation, wasteland, landscaping rivers or
- Enrichment Heritage : parks, gardens and historic sites, beaches, mountains.
- Rehabilitation of degraded places : brownfield sites, quarries, gravel pits, dumps,
- Study missions or design of industrial areas or activities.
- Study missions or design of private gardens.

In study mission or advice and expertise :
- Plans landscape, urban planning, landscape study, impact assessment, PLU and
other documents urbanism.
- Studies of large plots road, rail, river.
- Studies urban districts, patterns of development, green plans.
- Advice and expertise architectural, landscape and urban planning in villages, towns,
counties, regions, state, as well as with public or private enterprises.

Cabinet d'Architecture en Paysage - 1, rue du tour du village - 88220 - RAON AUX BOIS - Tél : - liojacquey.architecte-paysagiste@orange.fr